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Does Positive Thinking really work in every area of our lives? How about science and mathematics? For example, the law of gravity is always there whether we think positively or negatively. Well, I am here to tell you right this very moment that POSITIVE THINKING WORKS IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE! It doesn’t matter where you are, where you have been, or what your circumstances are….POSITIVE THINKING WORKS!!

In his incredible book Power Thoughts, Dr. Robert H. Schuller shares an inspiring story about George Dantzig. The story goes something like this. It was during the years of the Great Depression and George Dantzig was a mathematics student at the University of California at Berkeley.

It was shortly before graduation and it was a very depressing atmosphere on the college campus. The students didn’t know what the future held. They did know it didn’t look bright. People of this nation were out of work, hungry, and standing in soup lines. Would the students fare any better after graduation? Not likely. However, there was one possibility.

The student with the highest grade in George’s class would be given a job as an assistant teacher.

George thought to himself, “Why not me? I am as smart as any one in the class. Why couldn’t I get that job as the assistant teacher?” George started in on his quest to get that job. He studied, he studied, and he studied some more. In fact, he studied so long and hard that he was late for the final exam. Not a good place to start. When he got to the classroom where the final exam was being administered, the professor handed George a test paper. There were eight problems on it. George solved them all with no difficulty. He then noticed that there were two more problems on the board. George looked at the first one. He had no idea how to solve it. He then looked at the second one. That one was as bad as the first one. Then the unimaginable happened. The bell rang! The test was over and he wasn’t finished. Out of desperation, George went up to his professor and asked if he could have a little more time. The professor said, “Sure, George. You have until Friday, at four o’clock, no later. Put it on my desk when you’re done.”

George went home and got to work. He knew somebody in his class would have solved all ten problems correctly.

George had to solve them too. He looked at the problems again. He still had no idea how to solve them. A wave of desperation and a fear of the future came over George. These emotions motivated him with an unwavering determination. Day after day George worked on solving these problems. Finally, he solved one and then he figured out the solution to the other one as well.

George went to his professor’s office to turn in his test paper. No one was there so he simply left his paper and went home.

What would happen to him? Would he get a job? Did George Dantzig have a future?

Early Sunday morning, George heard a pounding at his door. He groggily pulled himself out of bed and made his way to the door. It was his professor. The professor said, “George! George! You made mathematics history.”

George was so confused. What was the professor talking about?

“George,” continued the professor. “I was thinking as I came over here. You came to class late for the test, didn’t you?” George started to apologize.

“No, no no. It’s okay.” said the professor. “There were only eight problems on the test George. You solved them all correctly.

The two on the board were not part of the test. You see George, you missed my introduction to the class. I had told the students what a joy it had been to teach them these fours years and if they wanted to have fun with mathematics then they could play around with the two, classic, unsolved problems on the board. George you solved them! Even Einstein couldn’t solve these problems. And George you have a job as my assistant teacher.”

WOW! Positive Thinking does work in mathematics and in every area of your life. My friend, grab hold of your best self by looking for that best. You have it inside of you.

It is time to wake up those possibilities found deep inside your heart. It is time to Unlock The Champion Within.

Source by Mark Bowser

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