Yoga Visualization for Empowerment – Action and Contentment


For a Yoga practitioner to achieve Samadhi, his or her heart must be true. On top of that, his or her mind would have to be disciplined. This would require much time and a coordinated effort, but most people do not take a calculated approach to life. Most people want or wish for “things” without focus or action.

It is much easier to sit on a couch, and want to lose 20 pounds, than to change your lifestyle toward better health. It is much easier to buy lottery tickets than it is to invest your money wisely over time, and still give to charity. It is much easier to wish for better health than it is to practice Yoga.

Here is an example: It has been estimated that five percent of all people are successful in life. How do you measure success? People who take action have a much better chance to find success than those who do not. In life, success is a state of bliss, happiness, or gratification. Success is Santosha (contentment and inner peace), which means “appreciating what you have.” The person who is content with knowledge, peace of mind, good health, a happy family, and good friends is “truly rich.”

These are people who wake up happy with their lives. What makes them happy; are they rich? Some of them are, but all of them sleep at night without guilt and look forward to success each day. They are giving people who enjoy the company of good friends, family, and associates.

When we realize that the best things in life are free, we are rich. To visualize the good in our lives is the beginning of a change toward empowerment. If we choose to think otherwise, we become slaves to pessimism.

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