Reading Benefits


Reading is not only informative and entertaining but extremely educational. Much of the things we learn are “absorbed” through our subconscious mind. It “registers” information by constant reading like proper word usage, correct spelling, and correct punctuation while the reading matter entertains us, and we are not much “aware” of our lessons learned! But we begin to wonder when we write ourselves, where our certainty about the right spelling of a word, the insertion of a comma and the usage of a word originates.

Our subconscious mind “has registered” most of these things without much of our “conscious awareness” and instructs our “conscious mind” of correct applications here and there which otherwise we did not learn, but are suddenly aware of, quite often to the point of even understanding the grammatical or only logical reasons for it being so!

And look at our reading matter! It not only entertains but imprints or informs us of the subject we wanted to know. Books read in proper order and sequence can make up quite knowledgeable on specific topics! We may not become lecturers or experts, but we can call ourselves reasonably educated.

Let’s not forget all enlightenment and comprehending of new and “improved” ways based on “prior knowledge” faithfully written down and recorded as things were at the time. Thus bringing about that our latest findings and improvements are “built up” “brick by brick” into the “proud edifices” of knowledge we have today.

Likewise, can every single person improve or add to their knowledge of whatever subject they wish! Piece by piece of information added together through one book or more and became quite knowledgeable.

Reading is great news! The best there is in improving one’s state of mind, educational limitations and one’s general awareness. It gives one more topic to talk about then the experiences of one’s daily routine.

For instance acquiring another language such as English, reading comic books and children’s books because it is in a more simplified English. Repetition over a period of months made foreigners more confident to attend night classes to further their education in reading, writing and speaking.

Reading does benefit the human being who has no knowledge, accessing a computer to search for information according to their interests. Audio books are available to a person who does not know how to read and they can use their imagination, while hearing the story being told.

Source by Julie Eden

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