Aromatherapy an Alternative Answer For Stress Management


Although we may be under stress at times one may not know that there are alternative solutions for stress other than sex, exercise or alcohol. Finding the right solution can be made as easy as looking no further than your nose If you are searching for an easy and pleasant ways to help get your mind off of an unpleasant or stressful situation, consider aromatherapy as an alternative solution to your stressed life.

The sense of smell is strongly tied to memories. As with all our senses the sense of smell can trigger chemical reactions within your body that can actually help your body feel relief from the stress you are experiencing. Just as stress releases chemicals into your body creating an uneasy feeling so can your sense of smell create a release of chemicals to help you feel better. Your powerful sense of smell can help you feel calm and relaxed. After tense hours at work or just experiencing tension in general you can administer aromatherapy simply by lighting a candle. This is an easy way of helping yourself through a tough situation by encouraging you to take a few minutes to unwind, breathe in a pleasant scent and release any thoughts that may be causing you stress.

One of the most popular fragrances for relaxation is lavender. The lavender fragrance is often combined with vanilla for an extra-special effect. The vanilla is a traditional scent that is closely related to memories of growing up. There is a homey feel about vanilla which will stimulate memories and release chemicals into your body to help you feel a sense of comfort. This scent mixed with lavender is a new classic among aromatherapy and is an easy way to administer stress relief at an un-conscious level.

The lavender is one of my favorite and I started using it years ago. I noticed that just by burning a lavender soy candle in my house helped to make me feel calm, relaxed and have a feeling of well being. I have also noticed that the bubble bath that I prepare for my girlfriend also has natural lavender and she always tells me how relaxed she feels after she takes her bubble bath and how she just loves the smell.

So if you are feeling stress and are looking for alternative ways to relax and release the stress Look no further than your nose and explore aromatherapy as a safe easy way to alternative for stress release.

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