Walk Score Plugin



Walk Score for real estate, auto and general classifieds script.

This plugin returns the Walk Score for any location and shows following on the listing page of the below mentioned classified scripts:

Documentation here: http://codiator.com/real-estate-made-simple/plugins/walk-score/Help/Walk%20Score%20Plugin.html?Introduction.html

  • Walk Score and map of nearby amenities.
  • Commute report with drive times
  • Street View
  • Residential, commercial, travel options

This plugin is specifically designed for one of these classified php scripts:

Classified Made Easy
Real Estate Made Simple
Auto Trading Made Easy

In simple terms, walk score defines score as per the location of listing on map and amenities near to it, for ex: businesses, parks, theaters, schools, public transit and other common destinations. It is useful especially for real estate and other services, job related classified listings as the viewers can see how close are important amenities to an address of the listing, The Walk Score algorithm awards points based on the distance to the closest amenity in each category. If the closest amenity in a category is within .25 miles (or .4 km), we assign the maximum number of points. The number of points declines as the distance approaches 1 mile (or 1.6 km)—no points are awarded for amenities further than 1 mile. Each category is weighted equally and the points are summed and normalized to yield a score from 0–100. The number of nearby amenities is the leading predictor of whether people walk.

It uses Walk Score API, which is FREE to use, to calculate and display the walk scores.
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