The Pains, Gains Of Self Talk


Let us get right into the heart of this matter. What is self talk? Good question.

It is basically about you having a silent, inner talk, or dialogue with yourself. What is your own definition here, beloved reader?

It is about you, your mindset, your attitude, your choice, your fate. Do not accept everything and anything the world throws at you.

The words that come to my mind as I write this piece are: silent, inner, dialogue, repeat, conversation, positive, negative, progress, regress, pains, gains, etc.

You see, there are many distractions and negativities in our world today.

Modern life has the good, the bad and the ugly. Every person you meet daily is either your student or teacher.

So, we need to repeatedly talk with ourselves, to remain focus, not easily distracted, and be positive in our thought, word and deed.


The pains of self talk come when we do not shield our objective and subconscious minds from distractions and negativities, coming through to us from the outside world.

When a friend says, ‘You Cannot Make It’, you can decide to accept or reject the statement. You have a choice, free will. We all have, you know.

If you accept this statement of your friend, it influences your mind negatively and stops you from making positive decisions that will lead to your progress in life.

Your friend now decides your life, your destiny, your fate. But he or she is not you God, except you have made the person one, or your sustainer. Bad copy

Daily, the media has a duty of bombarding all of us with news reports on violence, bloodbath, injustice, murder, whatever. As a journalist, I am guilty of this.

Also, there are journalists out there who write positive reports that help to bring about peace and progress in our world. The two sides of journalism.


We should be positive and constructive in our self talks. If you reject your friend’s ‘You Cannot Make It’ statement, knowing full well that talk is cheap, you will self talk yourself out of the mental trap the person has set for you.

Our inner, silent dialogue helps to keep us focus, not easily distracted, positive in our outlook, peaceful, progressive, and forward looking.

Yes, nobody on this earth plane can be hundred percent positive or negative. Our minds, especially when not trained fluctuate in seconds.

But, we must train ourselves to continuously self talk ourselves in order to remain focus, positive and progressive, despite what the outside world looks like.

Source by Emmanuel Udom

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