Motivation Through Challenge


Motivation is the driving force to do anything in life. Different people feel motivated by different things. Therefore, the factors resulting in sufficient motivation are as diverse as there are number of people. Now, we shall examine just one factor that motivates most people. This is the factor of facing a challenge.

Challenge and motivation go hand in hand. Below are some points proving this –

A. In nature, life in any form faces challenges from all around. Staying alive, in reality, is an act of overcoming challenges every minute. The urge to survive is fueled when there is challenge to the very existence.
B. Like animals, humans when faced with a situation where their survival is at stake feel motivated to somehow overcome the challenge. Their innate instincts are sufficiently stimulated at such times of dire crises.
C. Mundane existence of day-to-day life makes your challenge facing abilities go weak. This also leads to your motivation levels going down.
D. If by any means you can arouse your challenge accepting ability, you can again feel a surge in your motivation levels.

Motivation through challenge can be achieved when you develop an ability to perceive every event that requires best performance from you to be a challenge to your identity. This may come across as a very strong statement to many. Hence, some clarifications are offered below –

1. Humans mostly act on learned behavior patterns called habits, which determine all your actions.
2. It is possible to learn new behavior patterns.
3. When you are faced with a challenge you feel motivated to overcome it.
4. It is possible to isolate any situation as challenging.
5. It is possible to tune your mind to interpret any situation demanding action as a challenge and feel sufficiently motivated to act.
6. Motivation is always at your disposal when you relate your circumstances with challenge. All you need to do is to feel the challenge of the situation and you feel motivated to do something about it.
7. Challenge initiates such a reaction in you because it arouses your intrinsic animal nature to survive under crisis.
8. It may not be necessary for the crisis to be huge or as something capable of threatening your identity. It may just be a regular office or domestic issue. But, if you learn to accept it as a challenge, you see that you feel motivated to do something about it.
9. You simply perceive any situation to be important enough to qualify as a crisis. This is not really deception because most situations have a capacity to develop into real crises if left unchecked.
10. All you are doing is tuning your brain to react well in advance before you actually face a bigger crisis.

When you learn to motivate yourself by accepting challenges, you become unstoppable. So, feel the challenge. It helps you to self-motivate. It is the best skill that you can develop.

Source by Neena Dayal

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