The Supremacy of Mind Over Matter


The intrinsic nature of mind is to enquire. It is this state of quality that made humanity to walk through all this distance. The mind can be good as well as bad. What is fed in to the mind, by society, parents, school all contributes to the knowledge gained in a person and this will influence his behavioral pattern. What is there in one’s mind is what he sees in others.

If a person is extremely good and polite, always helping, ever trusted, he thinks all others are like him, his mind superimposes himself with rest of the World and at times it proves disaster because he often becomes a victim of conspiracy. On the other hand, if a person is very cunning, delinquent in nature, he considers the entire crowd around him is like him. He will not believe or trust any one easily. This is how the mind functions, it gives impressions which makes one believe as true, but in reality it need not be. Mind has absolutely contributed to this society and all the scientific advancement are the results of the power of mind over matter.

In the same way, all the destructive actions of terrorist outfits are results of wrong way of thinking which tells us how the wrong mind can cause destruction.

The wonders of the universe are always a topic of interest for many, mainly because of their mind’s proximity towards the reality, to know the nuances of life and to understand the life beyond. In spiritual context it is said there are two kinds of mind, conscious mind and sub-conscious mind.

Source by Dinesh Kumar D

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