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First of all in our goal setting we need to take a look at what a goal is, and make sure you understand the important difference between a goal and a dream. Important to know in goal setting: What is a dream? A dream is a sequence of images, emotions, smells and sounds in your mind. When you are asleep your dreams are the process of the brain sorting all information of impressions you gotten throughout the day. When you dream you: see images, feel emotions, hear sound and smell things. It is as real as it can be. Your dreams can sometimes feel so real, you have a hard time separating them from reality.

What is a goal? “A goal is a dream with a time limit” Ever heard that one? I dream about being a Wizard just like Harry Potter. (Yes, I love the books and the movies. Aren’t they great?) But I am quite sure I will not achieve it. Sure I can learn tricks and some card routines. But that’s not the same thing, is it? I think you get my point.

So, what IS a goal then? A goal is a concrete version of your dream. Notice I say version of your dream. What I mean by that is that the dream you have is a process of images in your head. When you convert the dream into a goal you must have in mind the rules of reality. As in my example above. I will not be able to perform magic the way Harry does. But I can learn some illusion tricks and card routines. That’s as close as I can get.

So, if a goal isn’t a dream with a time limit. Why do I focus so much around dreams? The reason why so many fail when setting goals is that they never understood the difference between goal and dream. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. I want to re-phrase that sentence. “If you can visualize it, you can achieve it.” It means that if you can see realistically on what you want, and you see it before you when you have it or do it. Your mind will allow you to achieve it. “What the mind can believe, you can achieve.” – Lorraine Moller. I do want to emphasize one thing. To achieve, you need to take action. You cannot achieve on believing and visualization alone. But visualizing is a crucial step while setting goals. I have put up a formula I call P-GAS (Pre-processing Goal Action Steps) to help you in your goal setting and achieving. The steps are: Visualize, Believe, Take Action

Important steps in goal setting #1: Visualize.

The first thing you have to do is to simply see yourself having, doing or being what ever it is you want. I suggest you begin with your being. Because your being, begins in your mind. Being successful and achieving, is all in you head. Starting to act like you are successful and achieving will let your mind believe that you are. And when you are successful, what you want to have and do will become available to you as a natural consequence.

Important steps in goal setting #2: Believe.

When you have visualized yourself being… You must begin to believe that can be that way. Begin to believe you are that way. When it comes to your beliefs, they are simply habits. The way you see yourself today is a habit of what you believe you are capable of and how you are as an individual. This step is the hardest of them all because, the habits of belief you have now is probably the result of what you have thought and believed about yourself your entire life. But if you just begin to realize that it’s all made up by you, and simply habits. You will be able to change them.

Important steps in goal setting #3: Take action.

Taking action is where you will begin forming your goal. There are a numerous ways to do this. The S.M.A.R.T formula is one way that has worked for a lot of people, to get their goals in writing. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-limited What I suggest is that you write down you visualization (Specific). Break it down to progress-points (Measurable), then make a time-plan for each point (Time-limited). If you followed my action steps, the Attainable and Realistic part of the S.M.A.R.T formula should be in place automatically. The second part of taking action is to follow your time-plan. To make a time-plan, begin with breaking down the goal into smaller pieces. Track all the steps from your goal, to where you are now. Break down your goal into pieces Find out what pieces needs to be in place to complete the puzzle. Do you need any specific skills or knowledge to be able to perform the necessary actions? Having the right skills is a very important piece that most goal setting gurus forget to mention, and that is a big reason why so many fails to achieve their goals. To achieve your goal. What do you need to do?

Let’s say you want to learn Spanish. A first good step is to make up your first goal. 1.”I will learn to understand the fundamental parts of the Spanish language and know 10 phrases by December 31st 2010.” There you have specified what and when 2.”I need to sign up for a Spanish class, and buy a Spanish lesson book.” Here you specified what you need to have to accomplish the goal 3.”I have to read the book 30 minutes everyday and attend the class 2 nights per week.” Here you stated the actions you need to take

Now, you have a straightforward and clear goal set. Write it down on a piece of paper, or on your computer and print it out and make sure you read it everyday.

P-T-E: Plan – Track – Evaluate Now you want to make sure you get it done. So now it’s time to make a plan of action. Plan what to do within the next three or four days. Track the progress and time it takes to do each step. Evaluate the time and progress. Make up a new plan for the next three days.

The first plan: A clear action plan that is easy to follow and check off when you accomplished each step of the day. Plan a few days ahead. Keep track of how much you get done and time each step.

What next? Your next step is to implement each of these steps until you master them. Then you make sure you learn new skills that you need to achieve your goals. Without development and learning, your progression will halt. Think about it. You skills, knowledge and habits of belief has taken you to where you are today. If you’re not where you want to be, you need to find out what you want and then follow my P-GAS formula to for goal setting and achieving.

Source by Sven Wolf

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