Sales Motivation Technique That Gets You Playing From a 10 in Just a Few Seconds


This sales motivation technique will put you in a positive mental state so that you can make the best possible use of the skills and techniques that you have. Whatever you call it: Playing from a 10, the Sales Buzz, Floating your boat, or being in the now, this self motivation technique will put you there.

One of the biggest challenges for sales people is how to get motivated before every sales appointment or cold call. We can all do it some of the time, but what about the first call of the day, or the last call in the evening. How do you get motivated after a really bad meeting with a prospect, or when you’re running late because the car let you down. Then there are the other areas of our lives that impact on our motivation state. Home life, family, relationships, and what about your boss, does he or she always leave you feeling great and ready to make a sale.

Use this sales motivation technique before every appointment and you will be ready to give it everything you’ve got, and be at your best from the first lines of your sales introduction. It works by focusing your mind on the connections between the different sales stages. You will be linking the words you will use in your introduction, with the questions you ask at the sales questioning stage, and the lines that will close the sale. While you are focusing on these connections, and building and re-enforcing mental pathways, you are blocking out negative thoughts, defeating self talk, and stopping those dark pictures. This puts you in the now, focused and motivated on using all your sales skills with the next prospect.

Start by thinking about a common need or desire that your next prospect might have. Define the need as if you were the prospect. Now select a feature that your product or service has that will meet that specific need or desire. The next step is to describe how that feature fulfills the need or desire. This is the benefit that your product feature gives to the buyer. The technique is called the Need-to-Close-Chain and you may be thinking it’s too easy, too simple, or that it doesn’t do anything for your motivation state. Stick with me, I’ve used this with my sales teams and believe me the effects are really worth the effort.

Now let’s speed it up. Pick a need, want, or desire your sales prospect may have. Describe it and move straight into selecting the feature that will meet the prospect’s requirements. Without any hesitation present the benefit, the way the feature actually gives the prospect what they want. Now try again and this time select a need that isn’t so easy. Define it out loud then go into a presentation of the feature and the benefit. Can you do it without hesitation, with a smooth flow from need to feature, then to the benefit?

As you try and complete the links of the chain faster, and focus on matching more difficult needs to features and benefits, you will find you focus more intensely. You start to block out external thoughts as you want to learn more about the connections. This narrowing of focus puts you in a selling state and heightens your motivation. Use the Need-to-Close-Chains for just a few minutes and this sales motivation technique will put you in a positive mental state so that you can make the best possible use of the skills and techniques that you have.

Source by Stephen Craine

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