Personal Empowerment Means Pushing Past Our Comfort Zone


While on Christmas vacation in Canada with family, I had the experience to downhill ski and snowboard for the first time. The reason that this is significant is that I lived there for many years, and always found a way to avoid these activities even though friends tried to get me to participate on numerous occasions.

I think my hesitation was based on fear of getting hurt and maybe looking like a fool. This time however, I was a different person, one who has been relentlessly working on growing, stretching and remaking myself into a leader who lives fully in the future and is not restrained by my past. I have committed to embracing and conquering anything that I am fearful of or have made excuses about in the past!

So, this meant getting out there on the ski slope and making it happen. Much to my surprise, I found that I took to it rapidly, was hitting the black diamond by noon (that was on skis, not the snowboard), and loving every minute of it. As you might imagine I wondered why I had not done this years ago. Now, the snowboarding was a bit of a different story. But, I did it on a bunny slope hill, until I could go down several times without falling. While I may never achieve Shaun White status, at least I stepped out of my comfort zone, and it felt great.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to my grave with regrets, which means that I’m going to have to embrace everything in my life that I’ve been avoiding or making excuses about, if I am going to achieve my full potential and really live out my purpose here on earth. I really encourage you to do the same! Whether you want to fire your boss and start your own successful home business, lose weight, become a better parent, spouse or friend or become a leader in your community.

Every time we stretch ourselves, the benchmark resets a little higher! Start small, but continue to push yourself even if it is as simple as going downhill skiing!

Source by Jesse D Rehmeier

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