Pay Per Click Advertising – Using the Display Network


There is difference of opinion among internet marketers about the usefulness of the Google Display Network (formerly known as the Content Network). And the reason for that is that many internet marketers have tried displaying their ads with little or no success at all. When you use pay per click advertising on the search engine results, at least you know that the clicks you get are based on the keyword used on the search query; however, in the Display Network you are trying to get clicks from somebody who could be playing a game online or doing something else. Nevertheless, harnessing the power of the display network can be very profitable, if you know how to approach it.

The Display Network is intended to inform. While people are looking at a web page about chess, or while they are analyzing the latest match between two Grand Masters, your ad will be displayed there to make them aware of this beautiful marble chess set that just came on the market, and that they should have it as part of the collection that any chess lover has.

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the strategy used when you create your advertisement. While in the Search Network your ads are based on keyword search, on the display network your ads are based on distraction. This calls for two different set of rules. Your advertisement on the display network should be worded in such a way that grab people’s attention; It must make them stop doing whatever they were doing and take a look at what you are offering. Distraction is the key element this advertising strategy has. Your audience on each network is very different. Your ads must also be different to reflect the particular audience you are targeting.

One of the advantages of using the Display Network for your pay per click advertising campaign is that the number of people that might see your ad is many times greater than that of the Search Network. Better yet, customers will often see your ads before they have started to carry out searches; this is a good advantage because you are avoiding direct competition since your advertisement is shown earlier in the buying cycle.

Displaying your ads could potentially mean more money for you. Your return on investment could be very high, because many readers who may not be searching for your particular product, but see your ads on relevant sites, could click on your ad to learn more about and probably make a purchase.

The location of your ads is vital to your success. When selecting the different sites that your ad will be shown, make sure that those sites are one hundred percent relevant to the product or service that you are promoting. The key here is relevancy. If you are promoting Ringtones product, you do not want your ad to be displayed on a “work from home Mom” website. Rather you would like it to be displayed on “Teen Site” where there is a good chance to convert.

Displaying your Pay per click advertising ads has many advantages. It all depends on the strategy that you implement. If you create your advertisement keeping in mind that this is a different kind of audience that need different type of ads, then you should not have any problem getting a very good return on investment (ROI). And if your ad is displayed in the right web sites you will have a successful campaign.

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