13 Questions To Test Your Positive Thinking


For you to find out how positive you are, answer all the questions to your best and honest ability as you can using the following scoring system:

Points System:

Almost Always or Always = 5

Most Usually = 4

Usually Sometimes = 3

Somewhat Rarely = 2

Never Have = 1

Now, write your score in the space to the right of each question:

1) If there is something unexpected that forces you to alter your plans, you quickly look for ways to spot an advantage in this new situation, even considering this new change?

2) Are you OK or somewhat like almost most of the people you come into contact with?

3) If you consider your next year, do you think the year will improve and you will be better off than now?

4) Can you say that you are able to stop and admire things of beauty with admiration?

5) On the odd occasion that someone finds fault with you and/or if it is something you have done or said, are you able to tell the difference between beneficial criticism and just plain old gripping and complaining, which is usually better left ignored?

6) Do you compliment or acknowledge your family / best friend or partner more often than you complain or criticize them?

7) Is your believe that humans will survive well into the next century?

8) Do you get surprised or disappointed when a friend or family member lets you down?

9) Is your general perception of yourself that you are happy?

10) Are you generally OK or comfortable making yourself the topic of your jokes?

11) Is your thought, overall, that your state of mind, what ever it is, has a positive or negative effect on your physical health?

12) If you were asked to write down your 10 favorite people, would you place your own name on that list?

13) If thinking back over the last little while, are you able to remember your successes before your failures and setbacks?

Now add up all you scores and record it below:

Total Points =

Scoring Results:

Above 55: Be pleased that you an extremely supportive person to yourself and anyone who you come in contact with – you’re someone whose optimism is a powerful healing force, possible mentally and physically.

50 – 55: This is still Excellent. You should be happy and proud that you are a genuine positive thinker.

45 – 50: This is Good. You are generally still a positive thinker, sometimes. You could look for ways to improve a bit, if you are interested.

40 – 45: This is Fair. Your positive side and your negative side are about evenly matched. Your call.

Below 40: You tend to be pessimistic. Think of ways to improve your pessimistic approach to life, if you desire.

Remember, you may not like you your life situation or the world around you, but your attitude will also impact your overall health and may determine your life’s future outcomes

Now, it is up to you, are satisfied where you stand with your attitude or do seek to improve it wherever you scored? Life is determined by and you alone, no matter how much of a victim you may consider yourself in your present situation. Be responsible for the rest of your life, even if this takes extreme mentally tough decisions. Educate, get advice or counselling, do whatever you can do to find paths to a better more positive existence, there are sources everywhere, internet, library, even self-help contact lines.

Good luck and I hope this finds you well and leads to a life you desire.

As usual, here’s wishing you Great Health & Great Wealth.

Source by Grant OKane

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