Super Goal Setting – Keep Things Simple


Goal setting works best when you keep things simple. As soon as you bring complexity into the process there is more room for problems, more obstacles and more reasons not to get started on your goals. To help you keep your goal setting simple, this article provides you with the following three tips:

· Choose simple goals in the four key areas of your life: You don’t need a large number of goals to be successful. Start by focusing on one goal each for Health, Wealth, Family & Friends and Community/Spiritual. These are the four key areas of your life. If you have a goal for each of these you will stay balanced, and won’t over complicate things. These goals don’t have to be complicated, in fact the simpler the better. For example, your wealth goal may be to be financially independent. These are long term goals, and you can provide more detail underneath these.

· Choose only a few techniques: It is much better to be good at a handful of tasks than to be average at large number. Case in point, one of our goals is to continue to build a successful online business. Rather than focusing on a range of techniques, we use four (occasionally five) different methods to turn this dream into reality. We know these methods well, and continue to streamline them to make them more effective.

· Know your goals: With only a small number of goals, you can work on them in detail and commit yourself. We have said it before, and we will say it again, you need to develop up a detailed goal plan to help you achieve your goal. Once you have this in place, you can easily refer to it to work out what tasks you need to be doing. This avoids any doubt that you may have in terms of what you are doing, especially if you have researched your goal thoroughly and have bounced your ideas of a suitable mentor.

The simpler you make your goal setting, the easier it will be to achieve. So follow the tips above and don’t over complicate the process. Most people like to take action, and once moving become very productive. The simpler the process, the easier it is to get started and take action. Here’s to your goal setting success.

Source by Rusty O’Connor

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