Mind Power Training


Mind power training is similar to other types of training…it takes practice. Using your mind power to get just about anything you want is a skill that must be developed. But before you start your mind power training it’s important for you to learn how your Subconscious mind works so you use it properly. Here are “The 6 Key Points to Your Subconscious mind power”.

1. It only thinks in the present, not in the past or the future as the conscious mind can. So when saying affirmations to get something you want, say…”I AM”, or “I HAVE”, not “I’m GOING TO BE”, or “I WILL have”.

2. It does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Have you ever got into a heated argument with someone and noticed that your heart started to beat quickly? It was your Subconscious mind – which controls all your bodily functions – that caused that. Has someone ever made you mad but you did not confront them at the time for whatever reason? So you practiced how you were going to tell them off the next chance you got and you really got into it pretending you were in their face yelling at them? Did you notice your heart started to beat faster? Your Subconscious mind also caused it because it believed the confrontation was happening. You were only imagining it. But your Subconscious mind could not tell the difference.

3. It learns by repetition…over and over again. Until you reach your goal, practice your mind power training everyday for about 20 minutes following at least five minutes of relaxation. Consistency is the key.

4. Say affirmations using infinite or absolute terms, not finite or partial terms. Let’s say you want to use affirmations to be better in your career. As an example, we’ll say you’re a salesperson. Formulate your affirmation this way: “I’m the greatest salesperson of all time. EVERY prospect I meet becomes a client”. “Every” is an absolute or infinite term. Will you get a sale with every prospect? Most likely not, but you’ll get more sales than you would if you hadn’t used your mind power. If you affirm…”I turn MOST prospects into clients”, you’ll greatly diminish your results because “MOST” is a partial or finite term or idea in which the Subconscious mind does not think.

5. It gives you what you want quicker if when saying affirmations you feel the emotion you would feel when you got it. Feel happy when saying affirmations to get what you want. Isn’t that how you would feel if you had it? Trick your Subconscious mind into believing you have it NOW.

6. Your conscious mind is your logical, rational mind. It will never accept an idea that does not make 100% logical, rational sense. If you noticed just 1% of an idea did not make logical sense, you would question it. And you might reject the entire idea.But your Subconscious mind is your il-logical, or ir-rational mind.

It will believe ANYTHING whether it makes logical sense or not. It never questions or analyzes anything you tell it. So when using it to get what you want, set your sights as high as you can…don’t think what you’re affirming isn’t realistic. Your Subconscious mind will not think that.

Source by Todd Wissler

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