Happiness: The Rarest Commodity Ever


What is the rarest commodity in the world’s market, diamond, gold or man? Of course, diamond is the rarest commodity. Gold and man are cheaper than diamond. Particularly, man is the cheapest social animal in a capitalist or materialist market. Over the centuries, many lives have been sold in exchange with diamond, gold or money. You may wonder about the purpose of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a simple prove that man has no importance or a central position in the world; it is just like any petty thing, and can be exchanged with anything.

Whatsoever the case may be, a great deal of importance has been given to diamond than anything else in the world. It is a strange thing, right? Diamond is the rarest and the most expensive commodity. It is expensive, not because of its original value, but because of its scarcity. It is, of course, the hardest crystalized carbon that can be used for multiple purposes. Hardness or magnificence, however, does not guarantee eternal value. Comparatively, it is expensive, but eternally it is insignificant.

Philosophically or spiritually, a comparative value has no significance at all. Today, it appears one thing, and tomorrow may appear another thing. It is in a state of flux, which is bizarre to be predicted. For instance, if something comes precious than diamond, then the importance of diamond will go down in the list of commodities, and little by little it will disappear or become cheap like the dust under our feet. So, a comparative value does not promise permanence because everything has a tendency to change overnight.

In a world full of dictates and comparisons, could there be another way to attain permanence? By permanence, I do not mean stagnation, but a continuous, dynamic or harmonious growth. More than 2000 years have passed since the crucifixion of Jesus. Before Jesus, people would seek permanence from diamond, gold, money, power, sex or traditional beliefs. Before and after Jesus, people lived completely different. In the bygone days, life was somehow stagnant, while in the later years the secret which had been hidden for a thousand of years was revealed by Jesus. Since then people have been discovering spiritual wealth or happiness apart from material things.

Happiness is among the rarest spiritual commodities people have been searching for. It is the rarest because one has to realize it from within the self. Yet it is the cheapest thing because it is not something we should purchase from a market. This may bring confusion among seekers. Because of its elusiveness, there are a number of seekers, but in this article for a better understanding or convenience we can divide them into two groups.

There are two kinds of seekers. The first group seeks happiness within the zone of the self and is very rare and silent group, while the second group seeks happiness far away in the world. The second group thinks that happiness is available in the world. The seekers in the second group are many in number and they are the founders of all social, political and cultural establishments. It is very hard to deal with them because they are against change agents and new discoveries. In other words, they are proponents of age-old practices or beliefs.

Since ages, a number of revolutionaries tried to change and make the world a better place. Many of whom, however, were imprisoned, poisoned, assassinated, murdered or crucified. From Socrates to Jesus, how many innocent and enlightened masters were killed? Unquestionably, many known and unknown proponents of change were killed. Their cries, pains and suffer are still fresh; anyone who has the heart can feel it. The world is a crime scene.

When I was a naïve boy, I would think that the world is a better place. Certainly, it is not the right place for the dynamic, intelligent and enlightened ones; it hates and consumes them. This is always the case, for the world has been already established comfortably. It has its own old path. We have only one option, that is, to fall within this pattern of old establishment.

Happiness, however, cannot be attained by travelling on a common path. Its path is unique. Therefore, one has to fall unconditionally within the first group to travel uniquely and discover happiness. The first group has no common road or common formula, but rather everyone goes his or her own way without comparing, competing, interfering or imitating. One might feel lonely, but there is no other way; it is the only path there is. Outside of it, a seeker falls within the range of the second group. Seekers in the second group are not seekers at all, but intruders or barriers to the first group.

To attain the rarest commodity, you may need to know which group you belong to. If you are already within the spirit of the first group, just go on with persistence, perseverance and vision, but if you are in the second group, turn around or dodge to a new direction. This is how to attain happiness and remain a productive person. The world has grown too old; it needs laughter and explosion of talents. Be the rarest talent. If we say diamond is the rarest commodity in the world, then your happiness can be even more so.

Source by Berhane A Tedla

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