Controlling Someones Mind – Easy Erotic Mind Control You Can Learn in Hours Instead of Years


Controlling someones mind can be done without doing anything other than learning to control your own body language. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for but it does work. It works so well that it’s taught at places that coach you on how to handle job interviews.

It is one more way of making money with mind control. You make the interviewer, and everyone else you meet, want you to be there with them. You could get a higher position and be making more money than the last guy that interviewed for the same job.

It is mind control but it’s mind control of a type that doesn’t take years of study and it’s something you can easily learn. These aren’t paranormal mind powers but just your normal, average, everyday abilities and they can be taught to you in a few hours instead of a few years.

It may seem paranormal but the reality is it’s not. It’s just learning to recognize all of the signals that people send out and that you send out. Just by changing your own signals you can make people see you anyway you want them to. As honest, trustworthy, open, interested, etc.

Yes, this means you can use your own body language to lie, at least for awhile. You see, when you learn how to spot different things you also learn the things you are telling others. You can lie with body language but it takes a conscious effort. At least at first. As you get better at it you won’t even have to think abut it.

Did you ever instinctively trust someone? I’m sure you have. The question is why? What was there about him that made you trust them or distrust them? Obviously it was something your mind or subconscious mind picked up. Intuition perhaps?

Intuition isn’t particularly a psychic thing either. Most of the time it’s your subconscious picking up clues you aren’t even aware of and passing them into your conscious mind as thoughts or sometimes just feelings.

Reading a man’s body language or a womans for that matter can be very helpful. Most women know how how to attract a man with body language but the reverse isn’t true. Most men don’t have a clue. Women lick their lips, puff their chests out, play with their hair and tons of other things that let you know they are interested. Sometimes they even do it on purpose.

You could call that erotic mind control because when a female starts doing it on purpose it gets and holds your attention, doesn’t it? Come on, I know guys and there isn’t a female licking a popsicle scene in any movie they’ve seen that they haven’t rewound and watched again and talked about with other guys..

So guys, who’s in control of your mind, at that point? She can even change the fantasy in your mind by depending on whether she licks her lips, play with her hair or even touches herself. Yep, I guess I’d call that type of mind control, erotic, to say the least.

What about men’s body language and what it says? Men do a lot of the same things women do. Check their clothes, touch their hair, puff up their chests, and stare until they get caught.

Here’s a little mind control trick that women hardly ever tell a man, that he can use anywhere. If you get caught looking at a woman, you look away instantly but not quite quick enough so you know she caught you staring. It’s simple, if you look away she is going to make a judgement right then about your ability to assume control. She might not even realize she’s done it as it’s subconscious but it is a definite strike against you. So her intuition tells her, nah, he’s to wimpy for me and she’s gone.

Did you ever even think about it, this way, before? How about that, Controlling someones mind with body language as mind control? It’s a lot easier than becoming a Tibetan monk and studying for years to control your own mind let alone anyone else’s mind.

Source by Terry L Alexander

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