Why Is Money More Important Than One’s Spirituality?


The world’s economy is tethering on the brink of failure as nations struggle with declining values and loss of income. The rise of Donald Trump in the upcoming Federal elections in the USA is repeated elsewhere as people seek better from the promises of those who make little sense but raise their hopes. Jobs and the future are on the minds of most as they head to the polls and make choices. Just as Britain is making a choice of where their future lies so it is happening elsewhere as well.

The respect people hold for those who have ‘made it’ in terms of their success in the business world overrides such things as one’s spirituality and the obvious trouble the world is in. With the signs suggesting we are approaching an end to the world as we know it where is the return to spiritual things that one might have expected in the face of such disaster?

With memory of my reincarnation and knowledge that religion is way out of line when it comes to reality the drop away from religious contact is expected. But so too is a closer link to the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, and that is not yet happening.

Weighing up the alternatives by putting their trust in money rather than seeking support from the only one who can really help is worsening the situation. There is no doubt that the prophecies in the Old Testament are coming true and the most obvious of them is the Internet (the mountain that sits above all other mountains) at the end of the day (Micah 4:1) and the enormous population.

It states in the bible that at this time everyone will be back due to reincarnation (Job 5:19-22, Isaiah 26:19) and there is no other explanation for the sudden explosion in people numbers. Surely this is the cause of the wars and downturn in the economy as people outnumber the jobs available and the prices of homes and other things to which we are a witness.

Money is an invention and like anything build on dreams it is propped up by hot air. It has to be talked up and when people stop listening the air cools and the deflation is a drop in consumer confidence. As retail stores close, businesses head into bankruptcy, and nations like Venezuela can no longer feed its people things are bad.

Climate change and global warming are bringing about an environment in which weather patterns are causing massive destruction, famine is already happening in many places, extinction of species is occurring, and wars are inevitable. Maybe when things worsen and there is no way out money will cease to be more important than one’s spirituality. The problem is it might be too late by then.

Source by Norma Holt

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