Honoring Great Inspirational Speaker and Author: Earl Nightingale


Earl Nightingale was a prominent motivational speaker who lived from 1921 to 1989. He’s commonly known as the ‘Dean of Personal Development,’ Nightingale’s recorded messages and books have influenced quite a few individuals worldwide. He was born in Los Angeles, CA, where he resided with his mom and brothers immediately after his dad walked out on them. His early life was characterized by poverty especially throughout the Great Depression, when unemployment was rife. Nightingale’s mom struggled to make ends meet, and it bothered him that they were so poor, while other individuals appeared to be rich. He constantly wondered how a person who was so disadvantaged could perhaps attain the objectives he thought of important, while also assisting other folks to do the same. Instead of pitying himself, he committed to becoming a success and became an ardent reader from a young age, seeking the keys to a successful life.

Nightingale enlisted in the Marine Corps when he was seventeen years old, after which he was dispatched to Hawaii through World War 2. He was one of the blessed survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack, soon after which he came back to the continental USA. He joined the radio industry after the war before becoming a motivational speaker.

Earl Nightingale’s success resulted from his relentless quest for the answers to his life’s questions, which led him to read quite a few books. One of the books that entirely changed his life was Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. According to him, this book motivated him, as it provided the answers that he sought in life.

Nightingale made his first work in 1956 in the form of a spoken word recording, titled The Strangest Secret. This record sold hundreds of thousands of copies, achieving gold-record status. This was the beginning of a prosperous profession in motivational speaking, spanning several years. He went on to draft and record a lot of radio and TV programs, as well as audio programs and videos. In addition to The Strangest Secret, he launched a recording titled, Lead the Field, which was also very successful. He additionally wrote best-selling books including Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery and Essence of Success.

His speaking style is referred to as ‘sonorous’ by individuals who have listened to his audio recordings. He speaks in an engaging and motivational manner, in such straightforward language that you cannot help but feel as though you are hearing to your own dad offering you worldly wisdom. His messages assist you to look beyond your circumstances, to the future you can have as long as you understand where you are going.

Earl Nightingale’s influence on the motivational speaking industry is indisputable. He has influenced numerous motivational speakers, who have applied his rules to do well in their own careers. Further, a lot of corporate company leaders have included his messages into their management practices, owing to their value to employees. As you take into account Nightingale’s humble beginnings, you may feel that he may have succumbed to his circumstances and given up on success. Having said that, because of his tenacity and relentless search for knowledge, he not only realized personal success, but additionally helped other folks to do the same.

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