Essential Steps to Goal Attainment and Time Management


We humans are goal seeking beings. We often ask children, what do you want to be when you grow up? Or, we may personally seek a job or attempt to build a business that would give us both the satisfaction of doing what we love and making a good living.

Path to Your Goals

Goals implies that there is a destination – – an end to your efforts. And, that you are willing to make the effort to realize it. Time management implies that time is always passing and while you can’t control it, you can manage how you use it and make it work in your behalf.

Managing your Time

Once you determine your goals or set of goals, you have to then manage your time to reach them. Your days can be challenging and loaded with a lot of unexpected occurrences that can knock you off course. Even a harsh word or an insult from a stranger or a loved one can be distracting and bothersome. Nevertheless, you have to let it go and refocus.

Manage Your Efforts

Realizing your goals and integrating your efforts with time management, puts you on course for experiencing the warm glow and the deep down satisfaction of achievement. Break down your goals into chunks of time that correlates with specific actions. As an example, if you want to build a business that will generate you $10,000 a month, you must identify the key components of that business. Allocate time to research the business; determine the cost to get the business off the ground; identify the costs associated with the initial marketing of the business to your desirable customers; and, then determine how you want to manage your money so that you can continue to build your business.

Take Control of Your Day

Once you review the essential elements that take up your day, you may discover that you have only an hour a day after 9PM to do the research and it may only be five days a week. Although the distractions will inevitably come, you must make the commitment and keep it. Using your time properly means that specific actions must be correlated with that time. Your actions may not just include internet and library research, but also an identification of someone in that particular field that you can reach out to and ask for a meeting. Writing letters or sending out an email asking for information has to also be considered.

Strive Ahead

Making the effort is the key. Set your goals. Integrate it with the management of your time. And, then commit to making that sincere effort. As a result, you will ultimately experience the success you deserve.

Source by Will Barnes

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