Branding With Personalized Pens


Companies spend money on advertising and branding every month. They search for unique ways to get branding and make their name known. When it comes to this, one idea is always faithful. Personalized pens have been one of the number one promotional items, for years. They hold their place value, steadily.

More than likely you’ve seen lots of promotional pens with companies names on them. The range of people who chose this marketing technique is huge. Individuals who are just starting up their business to major corporations use personalized pens. Lawn care, hair stylists, hospitals, schools, banks, you name it and they’ve probably got a personalized pen with their name on it.

So what’s the big deal? Why is everyone doing this? What makes the custom pens work better th other choices of branding?

Imprinted pens get around. Many people use them and see them everyday. They get exposure when they are passed around and borrowed. People generally keep pens, if it is one they like to write with. So giving out personalized pens, with your logo and phone number is the perfect way to advertise everyday. Compare personalized pens to flyers, magnets or business cards. Which do actually keep when someone gives them to you? Most likely, they go in a junk drawer or the trash bin. This simple fact, makes personalized pens a favorite.

Even if you’re on a budget you can get some low-cost custom pens and hand them out. The return on investment is almost guaranteed every time. You do not ever want to quit marketing, even when money is tight. Especially in today’s competitive world. As soon as you quite, you can bet someone will be there willing to jump in your spot. So you must keep up.

Start looking online for some personalized pens that suit your needs. There are pens available in all shapes, sizes and styles. The price ranges are the same. You can find pens for under .20 to over one hundred dollars. Just remember you get what you pay for. Also, keep in mind what pen you would keep, if someone gave you. Requesting samples is always a good idea. That way you an try the pen for yourself and see how it feels to write with. There are companies that will send free samples and there are many companies that will help you with your logo and your look. Today is the day!

Source by Heather Wallace

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