Benefits of a Grasshopper Mind


Coupled with short-term memory loss, (for fear of repeating myself, which I often do), I tend to use analogies to explain myself. I liken that to a jigsaw puzzle where I am the only person to see the picture on the lid. All the pieces are in the box except the corners and straight edges which have been put in place to form the foundation of my major undertaking.

I was first diagnosed with a ‘Grasshopper Mind’ by my friends dad way back in the late 70’s, I laughed when he mentioned it, not fully understanding what he meant. Until now that is.

On the road to self discovery is a daunting task for someone with a grasshopper mind especially a deep thinker like myself, my friend Ted used to say to me, “Why do you have to go so deep, why don’t you just skim the surface”. Well again to use an analogy, I liken that to a pearl diver, searching for that elusive gem of wisdom. Oh! I have come up with many an empty shell.

One of my ex wives used to call me ‘Arfa’. I’ve had 2 and a ½. I used to start an undertaking full of enthusiasm, armed with the knowledge that I could complete the task at hand. I feel a song coming on.

“Regrets I have a few”.

Where does one lay the blame for this disease of the mind? Could it be from an early age when growing up impoverished during the 50’s and being schooled by the criminally insane hiding behind the guise of secondary education? Some of whom saw it fit to beat the information into you with the ‘Cane’ or Coco the Clowns castoff size eleventy eight slipper or the fact that jobs in those days were 2 a penny. I should know I have had more than most people have had hot dinners. More of a ‘Jack the Lad’ than ‘Jack of all Trades’.

Basically I feel it is all based on ones temperament. The more learned of you may already know yours, well when I discovered mine, more recently, without pigeonholing myself, I discovered my true vocation. I am not a God fearing man and I’m not scared of the Devil either, only perceivable. So it is only fair to say, for you my avid reader, is to find out the benefits to you.

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