Total Happiness – Recognizing Who are the Totally Happy Individuals?


Let me describe to you so that you can recognize who are the totally happy individuals. Then:

* those who are boxed in any emotion they find detrimental, can free themselves and transform to be totally happy,

* those who are partly happy, can fully maximize the advantageous and be totally happy,

* those who are temporarily happy, can be totally happy permanently,

* those who are being delayed, can instantly and immediately be totally happy,

* those who are intermittently happy, can enjoy being totally happy smoothly and everlastingly,

* those who are happy can immediately switch to be totally happy, and

* the rest who are other than these, can be totally happy individuals, at will, now and here.

Actually describing the totally happy individuals in this world is easy because in any society around the globe, we can easily recognize them since they are prominently distinctive, especially when we observe their outer physical reflections being the projection from their inner metaphysical dimension.

Totally happy individuals are males and females, wherever they are, and wherever they go, they are totally happy. Their total happiness is authentic, bold, full, genuine, pure, real, and wholesome. In addition it is natural, and original. It is constant, without a level therefore it cannot be any less or more. It is also consistent, thus enough for a life span.

They are full of spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm. Thus, they are always jovial, easily joyful and are able to enjoy the full enjoyment in every moments of their life. They are witnessed to having a great sense of humor, so much so they are heard singing, humming, and whistling sweet tones.

Truly visible physically yet subtly are the natural shinning facial glow without cosmetics, and the sparkles at the corners of their eyes. Their smiles adorned with special sweetness, the usual fixed curve curling up the corners of their lips. In addition, their spontaneous laughter vibrating through and thus shakes their entire body.

Yes, the nature of totally happy individuals are exuberance, and full of excitement, liveliness, cheerfulness, and zest. In addition, they are full of energy with awesome charisma, dynamic aura, and the always spreading luminance of fresh yet gentle radiance.

Totally happy individuals do not wait for total happiness to happen; they decide and choose these exciting happenings now.

In addition, totally happy individuals do not have a list to do things in order to make them totally happy. In fact, they enjoy total happiness in every moments of their life, so they do not encounter some days they are being happier than other days. Instead by being continuously in total happiness, they can have a list of meaningful activities to do if they prefer to.

At every present moment, they are totally happy individuals, so they are engaged in self-talk in a manner of interactive internal dialog, with the focus on their total success.

Truly totally happy individuals are those who have fixed a whole life commitment to being totally happy. They basically scripted their entire life based upon knowing that an individual proposes, and the God disposes.

Totally happy individuals live their life in accordance to the way of life ordained by the God; the source of their feeling of total happiness. They know what the terms happy hours mean, when they spend quality moments in conversations with the God.

While in these conversations, they humbly ask for wonderful opportunities, abundantly luxurious provisions, pristine wisdom, and ultimate possibilities, while aligning their personal compelling purpose with the overall grand purpose of the God.

Thus trusting the God, they perform real magic, and they experience miracles at every moment throughout their precious life, because first and foremost they position themselves being in total happiness.

Their outlook of life is full of optimism, so much so the environment may presents gloom, the situation promises doom, but not to the totally happy individuals who see freedom in the direction of optimal living.

They decide and choose the option of total happiness as the preference of their life priority. They impress total happiness inside them and express it outside them.

Normally life challenges are minimal, and yet when they are opportune to encounter one, they immediately return to their intention and forward strategy by visualizing and emotionalizing their hajat. Thus they ensure its manifestation.

They overcome the conditions of failure, because they consider this as an outcome. Supposing they do not like the outcome, they change the visuals and feelings inside them, in order to change the outcome outside them.

As totally happy individuals they fixed solid believe, heightened expectation and faithful anticipation, either in flow, cycles, or synchronicity.

In flow they are engrossed in this feeling, and thus, each moment is avenues for self improvement, development, enhancements leading to productivity of the highest quality, and maximum quantity.

In cycles they are totally happy within the ups and downs. This is because they do not need a reason to be happy. The totally happy individuals remain in total happiness regardless of what happen or what did not happen in their life, because they know that total happiness is not dependent, yet independent of a subject or an individual; an object or possession; a context such as a circumstances, a condition, an event, a happenstance, a situation, an environment, surrounding, or a dimension.

In synchronicity they are in control of change, for example the shifting of their paradigm, or switching of their perspective to keep on benefiting from the goodness in life and the respect for other individuals.

Normally, totally happy individuals are seldom alone, or feeling lonely or being in loneliness. However, when they are actually alone, totally happy individuals are living optimally, by doing what they love and they love what they are doing. They are engaged, immersed, and engrossed in what they are doing, while continuously being totally happy.

While in their relationships with others, they do not consider comparison or competition. They exercise self-in control. Thus they prefer not to be a happier person, or happier than others.

They value their fellow beings, so they linkage with others through the people network connections and they are proactive and interactive in exercising integration with integrity.

To them total happiness is not contagious. If there is an instance it produces such an effect, then it is not permanent, because it is from outside and not inside the totally happy individuals.

So, when in a group they do not prefer to be involved in vain talk, rather their conversation focusing on goodness. The contents of their talks are vital and valuable information, that are worth more than any of the cherished gems.

Their presence are being felt by those in a room, before they even step at the front door, and they exchange special delights with those in the room, and when they go out, they leave a lasting remembrance.

Totally happy individuals acknowledge total happiness as their birth right. They already experience total happiness since birth. They prefer to continue experiencing it before their inevitable moment of death. Thus totally happy individuals treasure and cherish the feeling of total happiness so dearly while being alive.

So as owners of total happiness, totally happy individuals are able to attain, or obtain, contain, retain, remain, gain, maintain, and sustain total happiness. This ability is being in total happiness at will. They just are willing to being totally happy. That is it. They know that the fact remains; there is no other way to total happiness, total happiness is the only way.

Interestingly, as totally happy individuals they are dreamers. When awake, they daydream of a peaceful world to live in by contributing one or more goodness for their benefits and others too. When asleep, they dream into various multiple dimensions to experience the joy of healing the internal and external physical body, while recuperating from the challenges of life.

Totally happy individuals are those who directly contribute to the global total happiness by them being in total happiness themselves. Their presence always signifies the worthiness of living as lively as liveliness can be.

Source by Zubli Zainordin

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