Give Yourself Change – The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind


Your intellect is divided into two parts – Conscious and Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is in charge of analyzing the data received through your five senses. The Conscious Mind is the side we use when learning something new, like driving or any new subject.

By means of repetition, those “thoughts” are sent over to the Subconscious, that part of you which has the strongest connection with the Universal Mind.

These repeated thoughts become “Thinking Patterns” or Beliefs. These beliefs, combined with your conscious choice of feelings, attract to you Circumstances, People and Experiences that match what you are emitting.

Many people struggle with Manifestation. They change how they think, read self-help books and meditate more than most monks these days but still feel stuck.

Let’s break this down a bit.

*When you want to attract something, you must OPEN yourself up.

* Whoever FEELS less, will continue to get less.

* The More Gratitude you are capable of expressing, the more you will love your life and be loved by others.

* Your Subconscious Mind cannot tell the difference between what is Real from what is Imagined.

• Open Yourself Up

A mind focused on Abundance, will Attract Abundance. When you want to receive something, you have to open your hands, you cannot receive something when you close your hands. You have to be open to the possibilities of being Abundant. You do so by believing that you are living in abundance, that you are wealthy and prosperous.

We tend to focus on things that we don’t desire, how we don’t want things to be and about how things could fail, if we took a certain path. It matters not what you are seeking, but if you focus on all the wrong thoughts, then that is what you will attract into your experience.

You see, the mind attracts to it whatever it’s attuned to.

Take the simple example of waking up a bit late in the morning. The first thing to hit your mind will be, “I’m late”. That thought will flood your mind with similar thoughts of a future you haven’t even gotten to yet. You’ll start seeing the consequences of showing up late, your boss waiting with a written warning at your office or plain old traffic in the street after 6am.

All those thoughts lead to a very unhappy ending, as much as they haven’t taken physical form yet. That way of thinking leaves no room for anything else. Then you wonder why Sam woke up 15min after you and still got to work before you.

Much of this is caused by closing the communication line with your Intuition, which is your Non-Linear Intelligence System that knows it all. If you had listened to that small voice inside you, then you would have found a way to get to where you wanted to be on time.

Through Inspired Thought, Your Higher Self Guides you in every moment. Not knowing how you are going to do something, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

You have to come from a place that matches your desired outcome, the universe knows just what to do.

• Remember The Principle – The More, The More; The Less, The Less

Imagine if your child never said thank you. Imagine them complaining about all the things they don’t have, how long you’re taking to buy that new toy and how they never get what they want, but you’re always out buying stuff for them.

That is not a pleasant scene hey. This is also true for the Universe. If you never count your blessings, then God will stop blessing you until you wake up.

Gratitude is one of the Key Points to successful living. Dr. John Demartini said, “What we Think about and Thank about, we bring into our experience”

Gratitude unlocks the powers of the universe to make manifestation a breeze. Most of us are not really aware of all the complaints we make on a daily basis. “The President, the System, The New World Order, The Wars, The Hate, The… You get the picture. The more we focus on these things (Things that we hate, or don’t have) the more they show up in OUR experience.

Throughout this article, I mention the word “experience”. It is YOUR experience, YOUR world, YOUR beliefs creating that experience. In other words, this emphasis is made to make you realize that “YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SOUL”, as the late Nelson Mandela used to say.

• Subconscious Reprogramming

Your subconscious mind is the boss of all that happens to you, through you. Most of your actions are on autopilot. See, God gave us a great gift. That gift can sometimes be a curse, if neglected. This gift is called Habit!


Habits are a gift or a curse. If certain habits don’t serve you (like spending money unwisely, knowing you want more abundance) then your subconscious mind will just pick that up as you NOT wanting any more, because when you have more, you don’t know what to do with it. If those habits serve you (like showing up for that audition, interview or workshop to better your life) then you will attract and continue to attract the things that will get you to your desired outcome.

Repeated thoughts become habit. Bob Proctor said, ” Habit is God’s way of making good automatic in our lives”. Every thought absorbed by the subconscious, becomes a habit, a belief in you.

Those beliefs, determine whether you will attract prosperity or not.

Changing a subconscious belief is hard work though. You have to repeat your new beliefs for more than 20 days in order for them to become your new habits. One way of doing this is when you are asleep.

This is huge! It might just be the answer you have been searching for.

* Write down how you would like your life to be. “I am Wealthy” is where you could start. Begin with “I”, because you are going to say this to yourself. Once you’ve completed your new life affirmations, grab your smartphone and open the voice recorder. You will want to do this in “high quality” format so your voice is clear, a Samsung usually does wonders (but it’s OK if you don’t own one, any phone will do). Hit the record button and read your new life out loud (record yourself). You may add some background music if you have experience with mixing softwares or technology, but your voice is the star of the show.

When your audio is complete, set your phone next to you at night, on the nightstand or under your pillow, just make sure you can hear it. Put the audio on repeat and doze off.

Commit to doing this for 21 days in a row and see the difference in just 7 days.

Source by Nathi Mahlangu

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