Formula For Success – Using the Principle of Repetition to Enhance Your Personal Growth


The success formula, R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time, can be used to enhance, shape and transform your personal growth, so you experience more love, joy, contentment as well as alleviate stress from your daily life and attract more of the good you desire to experience.

Let’s look closer at how this is done. Much of our joys and sorrows come as a result of the way we look at and think about things. One person may experience an adverse situation that causes him to look for the positive out of it, learn from it, grow from it and ultimately use this experience to his advantage.

Another person experiencing the same adverse situation may choose to think about and focus on how bad it is and live life in regret, ultimately inviting depression, bitterness, stress and negative recurring results. All this occurred because of the way each of these individuals have repeatedly chosen to see and think about their situation, not one time but over and over making an imprint over time in their emotional acceptance or rejection to their life experience.

When you look at the results you’ve been getting and you’ve figured out what’s not working to bring you to the place of personal success, look for ways in which you can begin to think and do the opposite of what you’ve been habitually thinking or doing.

Don’t do this – For example, if it is your habit to look at difficult situations and complain about them, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “I have such bad luck.”

Instead do this – Look at your challenging situation and ask, “What lesson can I learn from this?” or “How can I see this from a positive angle?” or “How can I grow from this or how could this make me stronger?”

Now keep in mind, this is not a magic formula, you can only master this with practice. At first, your emotions might kick against this because you may really want to ‘chew out’ the other person or complain about your situation and that is natural because it’s what you’ve practiced for a long time.

So, yes, at first it may feel awkward. But as you persist, you’ll find that you begin to feel better about your progress and you’ll experience less stress levels. And even if a situation comes along that may knock you off your feet, you’ll know exactly what to do to get back on track. This is the imprint process. Eventually you’ll notice that certain things that bothered you so much in past have loosen their grip on you and you can quickly free your mind and your emotions from their hold on you.

Conscious preparation ahead of time, especially knowing that certain situations get you all tangled up in a frenzy, will help you better handle whatever situations you encounter. Rehearsing how to react to difficult unexpected experiences prepares and imprints on your subconscious to yield to you the results you desire thereby embedding the chosen imprint deep into your internal programming.

Persistence is the key. No change sticks permanently without persistence and even when you’ve achieved your goal, you must make up your mind that you’ll have to keep practicing to maintain what you’ve worked to attain. Is it a worthwhile goal? For sure it is and the rewards immeasurable and long-lasting.

Source by Alicia G. Campbell

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